Picture of Ceramic Window tinting in Elgin Illinois

Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tints are made by using ceramic particles that are nonconductive and non-metallic. These window tints do not come from a mixture of dyes, carbon or metal. The window tints use the regular window films, later they coat it with a thin layer of ceramic particles.

Ceramic Tint Vs Regular Tint

A small test was performed in which 5% limo tint and 5% ceramic tint was used. This test showed that using the regular tint gave a 560+ reading on the solar power meter however when the ceramic tint was used the reading did not exceed two digits. In addition to this heat could be felt through the glass when regular tint was used but after the use of ceramic tint it no longer could be felt. “Once you buy it you never go back”.

What is the Difference Between Standard Ceramic Tint and Nano Ceramic Tint

An experimental test between the premium nano tint and standard tints was performed. Around 285 BTU peak temperature was emitted through the solar power lamp. The usage of regular tints resulted in the reduction of heat and light by 12 percent, whereas standard ceramic tint blocked them by 78 percent reducing the count to 69 BTU only. However, when a premium nano ceramic tint was used it was seen that the heat and light entering through the glass was reduced by approximately 98 percent.

Price of Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic window tint might not be easy on your pocket. The prices of ceramic window tints are considerably higher than that of regular tints. The cost of car tinting may start from $50 and go up till $600. As ceramic window tints provide a sleeker look to the car and provide more protection against heat and light they are more expensive than the normal ones. The price of ceramic tints may go up till $800.

Qualities of Ceramic Window Tints

Ceramic window tints protects the car from the damage in every possible way that they can. They provide almost 85 percent of heat reduction and 99 percent of UV light reduction. In addition to this, ceramic window tints also saves the windows from scratches and other forms of external damage.

Why Should you Get Ceramic Window Tinting

Ceramic window tints save the car from extra heat and light thus reduce the interior damage that can be caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. This results in lesser wear and tear of the car saving the costs. Furthermore,  these tints lower the temperature of your car even when the scorching heat of sunlight makes it nearly impossible to. This means that even if you park your car in the sun do your grocery shopping you wont come back to a burning hot car instead your car might seem as if it were parked in a shade. The cooler interior of your car may saves the use of A/C in the car and thus reducing the fuel consumption.

Increased Security That Comes With the Use of Ceramic Tints

Along with the extremely long durability of the car tints that we can count on these tints also serve to increase our security of the car. The protective ceramic layer on the windows might make it harder for the robbers and other criminal minded people to break the glass, hence saving you from the damage that can be caused.

Is the Experience of Ceramic Tinting Worth it

Ceramic tinting might seem very expensive but it has many advantages over other tints. It has long durability which means that you wouldn’t have to reinstall or change your window tints for about 5 to 10 years. Furthermore, it gives your car a sleek and chic look adds to its aesthetic beauty. Let’s not forget the fact that ceramic window tints actually serves its purpose unlike other tints, and saves the car interior from any kind of damage. The experience of ceramic window tinting is definitely worth the money and it won’t leave you disappointed.