How Much to Tint a Car Window

How Much to Tint a Car Window

If you’re wondering how much to tint car window, there are several options you can choose from. These include DIY kits, Nano-ceramic, and Metalized. Choosing the best option for your car will depend on the type of window film and what it’s made of. If you’d rather save money, you can also try DIY kits, but be aware that you may not have a warranty on the installation process.

How Much to Tint a Car Window


One of the best ways to protect your vehicle’s interior from fading is by getting a window tint that blocks 99% of UV rays and a significant percentage of IR rays. Nano-ceramic window tints are also non-reflective, which means that they won’t interfere with cell phone or radio signals. Fortunately, they’re relatively affordable, as well.

Ceramic window tints are made from tiny ceramic particles to protect your car from UV, infrared, and heat. The ceramic film provides 99% rejection of these harmful rays, while offering 70 percent glare reduction. The ceramic film also helps your car’s interior stay cooler, with no loss of visibility or heat.


Metalized tinting for car windows is a popular option for vehicle windows that helps to reduce the heat and light coming into the car. This process involves using a multi-layered plastic that contains metallic particles. These particles make the film stronger and prevent light from escaping through the window. It also creates a mirror-like effect on the window from the outside. One disadvantage of this process is that it may interfere with cell phone and GPS reception.

Although the reflective property of metalized window tint film is desirable, it is not without its disadvantages. These window films can easily be scratched and can fade over time. Also, they may interfere with your GPS system, phone signal, and radio reception. In addition, metalized films can also interfere with your tire-pressure monitoring system.


Adding window tint is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your car and keep it cooler in hot weather. But there are some important considerations before you pay a tinting company. Different states have different laws regarding tints, and you don’t want to violate them. In Illinois, for example, you can only tint your windshield to a shade of 35%. But you can tint the sides of your SUV up to 50% light transmission, and your rear window can be as dark as you like.

When you’re looking to tint your windows, you should first decide how much you’re willing to spend. You can buy tinting materials for less than $100, but if you want to get the job done professionally, you may need to pay up to $280.

DIY kits

DIY kits for tinting car windows offer an easy way to tint your car windows without spending a lot of money. You simply need a steady hand and the patience to follow the instructions. You will also need to know how to cut the film accurately and use all of the equipment correctly. There are DIY kits available in different prices so you can choose the right one for you.

Before you begin, make sure the area where you want to tint is free of dust. This can interfere with the application process.

Cost of professional service

The cost of a professional window tinting service depends on several factors, including the type of window and location of the project. For instance, flat windows located at ground level will cost less than windows located in higher levels, and windows with many separate panes will be more expensive. You can also save money by tinting more than one window at a time.

A typical tinting job for a passenger car can cost between $100 and $800. However, the cost may increase if you drive a special vehicle. For example, a Tesla Model 3 has a massive glass roof, and it requires more time to tint. A more expensive tint job may also be necessary if your vehicle is older and has features, such as power windows. Still, most shops will not charge you more than $125 for a standard tint job.