What Happens When You Plug a Portable Charger Into Itself?

What Happens When You Plug a Portable Charger Into Itself?

Many people carry a portable charger with them to charge their phone or another device on the go. Portable chargers are great to have, but it’s important to know what can happen if you plug one into itself! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how these devices work and what happens when they’re plugged in backward.

Normally the portable charger is equipped with a security circuit that will restrict the backflow of the current so that you can use it safely. If your portable charger has a security feature then nothing will happen if you plug in a portable charger into itself.

Portable Chargers

We spend so much time on our phone and we often forget to charge it but with portable chargers, you can make sure your phone is charged on the go. Portable chargers are great because they hold a lot of energy and some even charge faster than normal outlets!

If you are going on a trip then portable chargers will help you stay charged and you can use your phone to take all those great photos of the places that you visit.

There are a lot of different types of portable chargers out there so it’s important to find one that will work well with your device, but also make sure it is durable enough for traveling! If an outlet isn’t available then having a portable charger is essential if you want to stay connected on your trip.

Portable Charger Security Circuit

What Happens When You Plug a Portable Charger Into Itself?

The security circuit in the portable charger helps protect it from short circuits, overcharging or even heating up too much which could be harmful. So if something were to go wrong with this safety feature then the charge controller inside would shut down automatically and prevent damage from being caused by any electrical problems.

However, cheap models of the portable charger might not include a built-in security circuit and may be more susceptible to damage caused by electrical problems. If you are using an unknown brand, then it is best if you avoid connecting your device when charging so that any issues with the battery do not affect your phone or laptop.

If you want to know all about what happens if you plug a portable charger into itself then visit Top Portable Reviews and know the science behind this phenomina. The short answer is nothing happens if plug in a portable charger into itself but it is not recommended. Like it is not recommended to submerge a waterproof device into water.

Can Portable Chargers Charge Laptops?

Laptops use higher wattage than most devices so it is not recommended to charge them with a portable charger made for charging phones and tablets. This can cause critical problems including fire hazard, overheating batteries, blown fuses or circuit breakers in the laptop itself that render the computer useless until they are replaced by an expert at repairing laptops. Eventually, you may burn out your laptop power supply unit (PSU) if you continue to run on battery while plugged into a faulty portable charger which can cost hundreds of dollars to replace after the damage has been done.


If you are still looking for a direct answer to the question What Happens When You Plug a Portable Charger Into Itself? the answer is nothing happens. However, it is not recommended and it can cause potential damage to the device.

If you want to get safe from all the problems mentioned above, you should look for a safer portable charge. Always buy after reading the reviews and that is why Top portable products are providing the best reviews so that you can get the best product.

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