Wood Carving Tips - How to Carve a Female Figure in Wood

Wood Carving Tips – How to Carve a Female Figure in Wood


Pete Gonzalez is one of the most accomplished carvers working today. His gallery is a testament to his mastery of the craft. You can use his techniques to achieve similar results. The following article will cover the types of wood, carving techniques, and the proper oils to protect the wood. Once you have acquired some basic knowledge, you can start carving your first female figure. Enjoy! And don’t forget to follow Pete’s tips for best results.


Wood Carving Tips - How to Carve a Female Figure in Wood

Pete’s process of carving a female Figure

One way to appreciate the complexity of this art form is to watch Pete’s video of his carving process. While he starts by sketching the basic shape of a female figure, he adds his own interpretation to it. In this process, he decides where to accentuate the female figure’s various parts. As a result, the final sculpture has many subtle nuances and hints of meaning.

After sketching and measuring the facial features, Pete started carving. He refers to photos of Cat for proportions and measurements. He then begins removing chunks of wood until the face is revealed. Pete has to be extremely patient when carving, as one mistake could turn the sculpture into Frankenstein. Pete also shows viewers how to use an Arbortech Power Chisel, a powerful tool for carving wood.

Types of wood

There are many different types of wood that are great for the female figure, and each has its own characteristics. The wood used for the female figure can be made of different kinds of trees, from exotic varieties that are difficult to machine without special equipment to locally available trees. Birch plywood is an example of this, and it is available in several different color variations. Bamboo is another wood that is renewable and fast-growing. Acacia melanoxylon, otherwise known as Australian Blackwood, is also available. Brosimum paraense, or Cardinal wood, is a medium to hard wood that is found in tropical regions of west Africa.

Maple is another popular wood for the female figure. It is dense and moisture-resistant, and is a favorite among furniture makers. Maple’s grain is straight or swirling like a bird’s eye. It is typically a light, reddish color and accepts wood stains well. It’s used in dressers and dining tables. There are several varieties of maple, including soft maple and hard maple.


If you’re looking for some advice on how to carve a female figure in wood, then read this book. It features thirty years of experience by one of Britain’s foremost wood sculptors, Ray Gonzalez. The book provides detailed step-by-step demonstrations that will help you carve any female figure to perfection. You’ll learn how to carve the female figure in both wood and stone and how to use power and hand tools to create the figure of your choice.

First of all, if you’re interested in carving a female figure in wood, you should start by learning some basic woodcarving techniques. You can also purchase spiral-bound workbooks that contain detailed patterns and clear instructions. These books also come with three sample projects. They contain several small steps that will guarantee your success. Remember, wood carving is a slow medium, so follow the instructions and follow the patterns provided by your guide to make sure the finished piece turns out as you intended.

Oils to protect the wood

Using oils to protect wood carvings is crucial for maintaining the beauty of these sculptures. These oils can either be synthetic or natural, but they both have a similar purpose – to protect the wood from water and other damages. Most oils provide a seal on the wood, preventing moisture and water from penetrating the surface. To protect your wood carving from damage, select the correct type of oil and follow its instructions carefully.

Linseed oil is a traditional oil used for wood carving and is usually used on furniture and indoor sculptures. You can choose between standard or boiled versions, which both require several days for them to dry properly. Be sure to use personal protective equipment when working with any type of saw, as it can cause severe injury. When choosing a type of oil, consider its effects on the wood’s texture. When compared to standard oil, Danish oil will provide more protection for your wood carving. It also has a beautiful golden color, which will enhance the natural look of the wood.

Dangers of creating an ugly Frankenstein

There are two main dangers associated with creating an ugly Frankenstein from wood carving a female figure. The first is that reducing the size of the female figure can end up making it look like a child. This can have disastrous effects. Another risk involves carving an animal with too many details. Carving a human could lead to an ugly Frankenstein. Luckily, there are techniques to avoid these problems and create a beautiful, symmetrical sculpture.